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    Como usar unha pistola de remaches

    Hora: 2022-04-13 Golpea : 14

    Although rivet guns are not uncommon, but many people for the rivet gun how to use, or not very clear, the following we take a look at the rivet gun use method diagram, but before using the rivet gun, we should pay attention to is that the gun work first from the inlet nozzle to inject a small amount of lubricant, to ensure that the rivet gun work performance and working life.
    1, regardless of single or double rivet guns, the first thing is to look at the diameter of the rivet to be riveted, common open rivet diameters are 2.4, 3.0, 3.2, 4.0, 4.8, 5.0, 6.0, 6.4.
    2, then select the corresponding guide nozzle from the rivet gun accessories, which will generally have these specifications engraved on the guide nozzle. This is important as otherwise the rivet may not pull well or may jam.
    3, Open the rivet gun handle fully and insert the thin end of the rivet into the rivet gun nozzle.
    4, Whether you are using a single or double rivet gun, use both handles of the rivet gun to insert the rivet into the hole to be riveted.
    5, against the rivet, the two handles are pressed hard, one or more times, until the rivet core is disconnected.
    6, Single rivet guns are generally not designed to collect broken nails. The double rivet gun will generally have a nail collection bottle, after pulling the broken nail will fall into the nail collection bottle, collect until almost full, remove the nail collection bottle, pour off the nails and reload.
    After understanding how to use the rivet gun diagram, we must be careful not to overload the rivet gun when using it in the future, to work within the specified performance parameters, as well as in the rivet into the rivet between the material to be riveted, not to pull the trigger air rivet, nor allow the rivet gun's head to be pointed at themselves or others, I hope you will keep in mind.